About Us

The S.D.PRANDATO SNC, born or better transformed in 2008, its birth in fact dates back to 1949.
A bold young Severino Prandato who graduated from the I.T.I. Di Trento had found employment as a mechanical expert at Montecatini, decided against all logic for those times, to quit to embark on the career of the Trade Agent.
The choice was revealed in the brief apt, the post-war reconstruction and the building boom in the 50s and 60s allowed Severino both economic and professional satisfaction, but above all the relationships with the customers led him to important and gratifying personal successes.
In 1971 he was joined by his son Danilo, the fact of operating in two people on the same area, led to an increase in customers but above all the ability to manage the area with an increasingly accurate and precise service as well as a rise in turnover.
It comes to 1985 where Severino at the age of 63, decides to switch off and enjoy the overtime pension that for over 20 years will see him spend the winter in the Canary Islands from December to May.

Danilo then carries on the activity as a PRANDATO RAG. DANILO in solitude until 1997, when the PRANDATO SAS was founded when Matteo and Riccardo entered the company.
After a normal period of apprenticeship by the children, Prandato sas will be able to count on a motivated sales force, prepared both commercially and technically and certainly with a strength of expansion in the area of ​​important competence.
This creature arrives until 2007, when even Danilo decides to retire and even he can enjoy his pension.
In 2008, therefore, the current SDPRANDATO SNC is founded, where S stands for Severino D stands for Danilo, an explicit symbol for the will of children to remember their history, where they come from, what they did and to honor their past, the SD therefore, although born in 2008 is 70, three generations have honored their name and kept faith with their motto:

“reliability, professionalism, competence, words pass the facts remain”

a special thanks above all to our customers and various Those who have granted us and have given us their trust for years.